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Learning at home

Helping You With Virtual Learning

Our team at Learning A-Z strives to provide educators and families with the tools to make learning happen anywhere, whether in a physical classroom or a virtual setting.

Explore the collection of virtual learning resources on Headsprout, our K–5 online reading program, now available to you FREE through the end of the school year.*

Ready-to-Watch Instructional Episodes

Ready-to-Watch Instructional Episodes

Using a computer or mobile device, children complete short instructional episodes that teach key foundational reading skills and comprehension strategies.

Adaptive, Personalized Learning

Adaptive, Personalized Learning

As your child progresses episode by episode, the program tracks errors and addresses them right away. This provides them with personalized instruction and practice at the exact moment and in the exact amount needed.

Kid-Friendly eLearning Environment

Kid-Friendly eLearning Environment

Kids stay motivated and excited to learn with engaging activities and built-in incentives on the eLearning portal.

Free Digital Resources for At-Home Reading Practice

Sign up for a FREE subscription to Raz-Kids and/or Headsprout, valid through the end of the school year.* Visit our special resource page for more information or start your free subscription here.

* Free trial subscription provides 90 days of unlimited access to Raz-Kids and/or Headsprout. Available to the United States and Canada only at this time. For international inquiries, please visit our global contact page.

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